Hackers share Adele’s private photos

Hackers share Adele’s private photos


Adele has fallen victim to a hacker who shared a haul of private photos online, The Guardian says, citing reports.

The leak is said to have included a baby scan and a photo of the singer’s three-year-old son. The tranche also contained pictures from the singer’s childhood, a photo of her dressed in a Santa Claus outfit as a teenager and the early days of her career not previously released to the public, the Sun on Sunday said.

Adele, who closely guards her family’s privacy, was said to be angry and upset about the breach.

The newspaper said it was thought to have occurred after a hacker gained access to the images through the email of her partner, Simon Konecki.

A fan is said to have raised the alarm with Adele’s management after the images were posted on a Facebook page accessible only to a group of the singer’s most devoted followers.

The whistleblower told the newspaper: “I was appalled and upset when I saw the pictures. They are really private and should not be passed around. I think it is disgusting that her so-called fans were sending them around and I thought it should be stopped.”

Adele is in the middle of a six-night stint at the O2 arena in London as part of a world tour.