Torch-lit marches in Javakhk

Torch-lit marches in Javakhk


Akhalkalak Regional Department of Javakhk Youth Union organized a torch-lit march on April 23 in commemoration of the Armenian Genocide victims of 1915, reports

According to the source, thousands of young people, students and teachers of Akhalkalak Educational Cultural Youth Organization, clergymen and others took part in the march.

The participants also held posters of protest and demand. They called Georgia and the whole world to recognize the Armenian Genocide to further prevent genocides around the world.

According to the source, another torch-lit march was organized in Akhaltskha. Thousands of Armenian and Georgian young people participated in the march.

The participants walked towards the cross-stone memorial of the Armenian Genocide in Marda holding flags of both Armenian Republics.

At the memorial, after the prayers and speeches of the clergymen, young people condemned terrorist Azerbaijan. They also sang patriotic songs proving that the Armenian spirit is unbreakable and all Armenians are with Artsakh during these hard times.